NR 740|840: Inventory & Monitoring


This is our private page for NR 740/840 (Wildlife Inventory & Monitoring). You must link directly to this URL, as this page does not appear in the navigation menu. Bookmark this page for future reference.


Navigating the scientific literature …

How to read a scientific article – jlp-annotated (by Nat Wheelwright | annotated by Jennifer Purrenhage) ::: You may find these tips helpful as you sift and winnow long lists of search results down to a manageable list for more careful review.

Google Scholar is a great place to begin your literature searches. But as long as you have access to it, WEB of SCIENCE is a powerful tool to conduct structured literature searches.

Another great place for lit-searching (assuming you’re still a student/staff at UNH) is the main search bar on the UNH Library webpage — this will search for items in the UNH Library collection and items available through Inter-library Loan (ILL).

Remember: Don’t limit your lit resources to only those you can get electronically — you may miss out on some very important information (and you’re definitely conducting a biased lit search).

Guidelines for Ethical Use of Vertebrates in Research …

Permits …

Wildlife researchers running the permit maze (Paul & Sikes 2013), Which permits do you need to do your research?

Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, & management (resources) …
  • AMPHIBIAN CONSERVATION by Smith, Meredith, & Sutherland. A chapter from What Works in Conservation (2017) Open Book Publishers.
  • BIRD CONSERVATION by Williams, Child, Dicks, Ockendon, Pople, Showler, Walsh, zu Ermgassen, & Sutherland. A chapter from What Works in Conservation (2017) Open Book Publishers.

I&M Lab Spark-pages …

You can simply click on any of the photos below to open that particular lab-page.

I&M: Freshwater Turtles (Remote Lab)
Terrestrial Salamanders & other cool Forest Herps
Birds: ID and I&M (nr740)
Small Mammal I&M
Tracks, Sign, & Camera Trapping

Fish as Indicators of River Health

Wildlife Health & Disease Surveillance

Jobs | Grad School …
  • Post-graduation Tips for Wildlifers (abridged slides) compiled by Jess Steketee, and co-presented with Rory Carroll and Jennifer Purrenhage (Fall 2017)
  • JOBS & GRE PREP resources pulled together by Brittany Taylor (Fall 2016)
  • At UNH, we have ‘Math-for-the-GRE’ drop-in review sessions – check the UNH website for current drop-in dates/times.

If you are a UNH alum interested in attending a session, please contact RANDY SCHROEDER (603.862.3687).