watercolor of a Blanding's turtle

As an undergraduate Wildlife & Conservation Biology major at the University of New Hampshire, Maeve Kelley began working on our salamander and turtle projects, and in the summer of 2021, she conducted independent research to map connectivity of known Blanding’s turtle sites in southern NH. She has been an integral member of our freshwater turtle research team and we’re so proud of her. Take a peek at a day in the field with Maeve and the turtles …

2021 UNH Freshwater Turtle Research Team:
Ben Phillips (Master’s student in Natural Resources & the Environment), Thomas Robinson (Master’s student in Recreation Policy & Management), Maeve Kelley, Wildlife & Conservation Biology major), Dr. Rebecca Rowe and Dr. Jennifer Purrenhage (faculty in Natural Resources & the Environment)

Featured image: watercolor of a Blanding’s turtle by Maeve Kelley (2021)

This video content was originally shared via UNH Today, a digital publication from the University of New Hampshire.

VIDEOGRAPHER & PRODUCER: Jeremy Gasowski / Communications and Public Affairs,  University of New Hampshire

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